Wapping & Dockland Walk

Wapping & Dockland Walk

The walk starts at Tower Hill where we will see:

  • Trinity House 
  • The execution site - World War II merchant seaman memorial  
  • A piece of the old Roman wall

Continue along Royal Mint Street and Dock Street to Cable Street where cables (ropes for ships) were made in the middle of the street. We will also hear of the Battle of Cable Street, which took place on October 4th 1936, where British fascists marched through the largely Jewish area of east London. The battle was a victory over racism and anti-Semitism.

The walk continues past St Katherine's Dock and onto Thomas More Street where we will hear about St Thomas More Chancellor, Henry VIII and the act of succession.

On to Wapping High Street and Wapping Stairs

  • With Pier Head on the right, Helen Mirren has a flat here and a riverside view costs over £1m. 
  • We will hear about crime and theft from the docks and pirates like Captain William Kidd at the Captain Kidd pub – perhaps the most unfortunate pirate to sail the seas. 
  • We will walk on to the Prospect of Whitby pub, started in 1520 and possibly London's oldest riverside inn. Charles Dickens and JMW Turner drank there.

The walk ends at Glamis Road at the red swing-bridge with view of Canary Wharf across Shadwell Basin.

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