London - The Black Experience

London - The Black Experience

Black people have been part of the population of Britain since Roman times, and now account for over 3% of the British population. On this walk you will follow in the footsteps of black Britons, some now forgotten, and discover the mark they have left on British culture.

We will delve into Britain’s involvement in the slave trade, and learn about those who opposed it alongside those who vigorously defended it. Wandering into the National Portrait Gallery, we’ll meet the people who were influential in the abolition movement and we will also meet some of those of African descent who contributed a great deal to British society.

Discover what life was like for black people in Britain during the 18th century. After slavery was abolished, what options were there for former slaves? How were slave-owners compensated after their slaves were freed? Did the ex-slaves receive remuneration for their years of bondage?

Find out about London’s contribution to the campaign to free Nelson Mandela after 26 years in prison, and how the ‘D’Oliveira affair’ excluded South Africa from world sport during the apartheid years.

On the Black Experience walk, you gain an insight into Black British culture that will both delight and astound you!

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