City of London Walk

City of London Walk

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This walk in the City of London covers Roman London and you will see part of the Roman wall that surrounded the Roman city of Londinium. We will take in the Tower of London, which boasts nearly 1000 years of history and the public execution site on Tower Hill. Nearby is a memorial to merchant seamen who lost their lives during the two World Wars. We will hear about Samuel Pepys who witnessed the Great Fire of London in 1666 and see the monument built to commemorate the fire.  

We also walk through Leadenhall Market, the site of the Roman Basilica and the market known to Dick Whittington, Lord Mayor of London. The market features an elegant Victorian roof and its stalls supply everything from cheese and meat to fresh flowers. Also contained within the market building are shops, pubs and a variety of restaurants. Eagle-eyed visitors will recognise Leadenhall Market as the filming location of the Diagon Alley scenes in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

We’ll visit the site of the first coffee house in London, finding out about the importance of coffee houses in the 17th century and how they were the springboard for the development of the insurance company Lloyds of London and also the London Stock Exchange. Keeping the financial theme, the tour ends at the centre of commerce the Royal Exchange and the Bank of England.

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